NAT The Label was created for those who love the little details, handmade crochet pieces and effortlessly timeless fashion items that can be easily styled!

A Message From NAT The Label’s Founder, Nathalie Munoz: 

Hi there! I’m Nathalie Muñoz, a proud LATINA born in the Dominican Republic, raised in New York.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a love for fashion and all things creative. At the age of 13 in middle school, I selected crotchet as my extra curricular activity because it seemed fun. I quickly fell in love with it and soon found myself skipping lunches so I could spend more time crafting. To this day, show me something creative AND therapeutic and I’m hooked.

 I entered the social media world with my YouTube channel 10 years ago. Over time it’s become a home and community where I get to share my love for fashion, beauty, home decor, self-care, creative DIYs and tips with people all over the world.

Although being passionate about so many things can seem overwhelming for some, for me, it was a way to learn from and create in a wide range of topics. I’ve always had big expectations of myself (a true Capricorn) and I knew that one day I’d launch my own brand, I just didn’t know exactly what it would be.

Last year in 2020, during the pandemic and quarantine, I turned to crochet as a form of self-care in what felt like such a crazy world at the time. I started searching online for pieces to add to my wardrobe but could not find any that aligned with my style. And then the lightbulb that had been dim for so long, waiting for THE idea, finally lit up. “This is it!” This is what I want to do.” The seed that was NAT the Label finally broke through the soil and came into the light.

When people hear crochet many automatically think “grandmothers” or “old” but I want to change the narrative. In my first, and dearest, collection I’m sharing effortless, timeless, and easy-to-style fashion, handmade by me. Each piece has been made with lots of love and lots of yarn.

I hope you love it as much as I did making them.

Thank you for your constant love and support, I can’t wait to see you style and rock #NATthelabel

Con mucho amor,